Home automation trends in the AV industry

Over the last 20 years, rapid technological innovations have transformed the way we live in our homes, work and engage with the world.  Over half of the world’s population and 81% of the developed world now has access to the internet, bringing the benefits of the digital economy to more people than ever before and changing consumer expectations for good.

In more recent years, smart technology has found its way into our homes, controlling everything from energy and security to audio visual systems and home entertainment.  This already buoyant market is predicted to grow massively over the next 5 years, driven by the development of home automation systems which enable technology and devices to work together under a single, simple system and bringing homeowners complete comfort and control.

While areas such as connected security, lighting and energy use are emerging, the largest chunk of the connected home market is currently occupied by entertainment and AV technology.  Tech savvy homeowners – and an increasing number of those with little techy know-how – are transforming their homes into integrated hives of media and entertainment, creating the ultimate space for hosting family and friends, relaxing with a film or playing video games.

What’s driving the trend for home automation?

With major players such as Google and Amazon joining the home automation market recently, the connected home is becoming more accessible to a wider range of consumers.  Many home automation systems are very simple to use and they are becoming more affordable too.

As more smart home technology comes onto the market, the convenience, comfort and peace-of-mind that comes with managing home devices remotely is something twenty-first century consumers have come to expect.

What smart home technology do consumers want?

Audio Visual Devices

According to PwC, almost 40% of people enter the connected home market through smart entertainment devices.  The home entertainment sector has been one of the earliest adopters of connected technology and often acts as a gateway for consumers, leading them into other areas of smart home tech such as lighting, thermostats and security.

Control systems

The central device or system which connects all the smart devices in your home is fast becoming vital infrastructure in the modern home.  ProofVision’s waterproof TVs, specifically designed for bathroom and outdoor use, are compatible with all leading control systems, including Crestron, Control4, RTI and AMX.

Seamless integration

One of the biggest challenges for a market that is developing so rapidly is standardisation and compatibility.  Smart devices need to be able to speak to each other through a common network and in a shared language if they are to effectively communicate with each other.

In the audio-visual industry, it is expected that devices will connect over the IP network.  We’ve just updated all our waterproof TVs to include RS232 over IP control, increasing compatibility with the home automation sector and ensuring our products keep pushing the boundaries of this fast-paced market.

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