The Aire Outdoor TV Range,

Our Aire outdoor TV model is the best solution if you are looking to improve your personal outdoor space.

TV brightness

Select an Outdoor TV size

65inch TV
75inch TV

High brightness panel

Our outdoor TVs are more than 5 x brighter than any ordinary TV which makes them viewable in direct sunlight without any reflection or glare

Bright TV screen

Made for outdoor life

Our outdoor TVs can be left outside throughout all 4 seasons of the year. IP66 Rated with aluminium heat dispersion technology

Outdoor TV on a stand
Slim profile TV

Slim and compact design

With a depth from just 69mm, the super thin profile offers a bulk free solution to your outdoor needs

Cooking show on outdoor TV

Clever technology

Anti reflective screens and brightness that adjusts itself based on the conditions are just some of the features that make these TVs perfect for the outdoors.