The Durascreen Outdoor TV range,

Our Durascreen version is designed to be tougher and more robust than the ordinary television. Suitable for indoor & outdoor areas, ideal for public areas such as pubs, factories and many other environments.

TV brightness comparison

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High brightness panel

Our outdoor TVs are more than 5 x brighter than any ordinary TV which makes them viewable on the brightest of days.

Bright TV screen

Made for outdoor life

Our outdoor TVs can be left outside throughout all 4 seasons of the year. IP65 Rated with aluminium heat dispersion technology

Outdoor TV on a stand
Toughened glass

Toughened glass

The robust design and tempered glass make the Durascreen model one of the toughest outdoor solutions on the market, ideal for public areas where vandalism maybe a concern.


Fan cooling system

The Durascreen model uses built in fans to maintain control of the temperature, an effective solution to prevent the unit from overheating.