ProofVision introduce new 2015 Classic Bathroom Television models

This month, we have been able to fully release the new 2015 design to our range of Bathroom TVs. We have had stock slowly coming through over the last 6 weeks but now we feel the full transitional period has been complete, and that the new model will be a mainstay in our range for the next few years.

The new design is only available in 19inch for the next few months. Some exciting new features of the new model is that it has a thinner front panel to help make it even more flush with the tiles, new inputs have been added such as Component video, an extra HDMI slot and a USB connection. The touch-screen panels at the front have been replaced with our branding, while the long fixed in cables have been replaced with a sealable back plate with all the inputs/outputs underneath, making for an easier installation.

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