ProofVision Release 24″ Waterproof Bathroom TV

ProofVision are delighted to announce the release of a new size to our range. The 24″ finally entered stock in early August to complete our range of the Classic Bathroom TVs.

This TV is made to the same specification as the 19″ (which is our new 2015 design). It has the same ultra-thin profile, very similar inputs and is just as easy to install. This model replaces the 22″ and 26″ from our Classic Bathroom TV range, in which we have also removed the 15″. We are very excited to be able to release the 24″, and are looking forward to the rest of the year in which we will see more high quality products released in our range.



COVID-19 AnnouncementWe are still open for business! Our production facility and shipment facilities are operational with less staff than usual to ensure social distancing is achieved. Our office team are at home but readily available to take phone calls and respond to emails.