The Proof is in the Pudding

ProofVision are becoming one of the leading suppliers of waterproof electronics. They pride themselves on making their product range work in challenging market conditions, by providing a solution for any setting. ProofVision started with their bathroom TV range, but they now offer an impressive collection from outdoor displays, mirror TV’s, in-wall toothbrush chargers and Bluetooth mirrors as well as music system technology. It’s a very exciting time for them and they’re enjoying every minute William tells us, before offering his reflections in being included in the Small Business Achievement Awards.

“We are working on some very exciting projects for our digital signage range from sports events, theme parks and retail parks.”

“To be included in the Small Business Achievement awards is an important recognition of our role in the markets we operate in. We feel it shows us that we are successfully building a recognisable brand to those within the business – and that we are helping grow a niche market from an unknown luxury a few years ago to something that could be common place in a few years in most UK households.”

“As a company, we are only a small team who cover many areas to make it run successfully, indeed there are multiple lines of communication but we feel that we all pull together to meet the company’s objectives on a daily basis. To win an award of this status really means a lot to us. We do work extremely hard and everyone in the team is committed to achieving the highest quality product; from customer support to the development team full attention is given to detail. Winning an award like this gives everyone a huge feeling of achievement and recognition for all those extra hours and early starts.”

“Our client base differentiates between the ranges we offer. Our main market for the bathroom products are companies such as Victorian Plumbing and Bathstore, two large respectable businesses who operate online. Bathstore’s for example use our products in their impressive range of showrooms across the UK. Through companies like this, we are able to reach out to a huge quantity of customers and this partnership gives them the option to add a product of ours to their new or existing bathroom and outdoor areas. “We also operate in the sound and AV market, where we anticipate significant growth in the years ahead. Property, retail and hospitality development has always had a high demand for luxury products such as ours, so this is an industry that we are heavily involved in.”

ProofVision offers live television solutions for the bathroom, which would have been unheard of even as recently as 10 years ago. They have taken a key role in making it possible to have entertainment installed in every room of the home. The firm also offer a comprehensive range of Bluetooth options that offer mobility and connection solutions throughout the home and also in the work place. William then outlines why the small business sector is an exciting place to be right now for a firm such as his

“The small business sector is a very exciting place to be today, indeed with the ever-growing access to information, people seem to want to move away from the large corporate companies and deal with companies who have more of a personal touch. Schemes such as ‘Small Business Saturday’ encourage people to spend their hard-earned money with a small business, whether it be at a local farm or craft industries, or with companies such as ours. I believe that there is here a sense of trust and community value that is blossoming in the UK’s current economic climate.”

Looking ahead, the future for ProofVision is bright and weatherproof William underlines, a point he goes on to develop in his own words.

“We are working on some very exciting projects for our digital signage range from sports events, theme parks and retail parks. We also offer an extensive range of products for outdoor solutions for gardens, events and much more. Our outdoor screens can be left outside throughout all four seasons and they have a IP65 rating, as well as boasting the newest technology in anti-reflective screens which support a crystal-clear image, no matter what the weather. We are also launching our bespoke mirror TV range, which will enable our customers to work side by side with our development team to create their own mirror TV solution to work in any environment, or they can choose from a large range of our carefully selected framed mirror TV’s.”

“All our products are designed by ProofVision in the UK and one of the most exciting products we are working on is the in-wall toothbrush charger. Who needs waking up to your toothbrush out of battery and then desperately trying to find a socket with messy wires getting in the way? Not us, that’s for sure! We have developed, in true ProofVision fashion, a fully waterproof in-wall toothbrush charger (patent pending). Fit this slim line charger into your bathroom wall and leave your toothbrush to charge throughout the day in a safe, secure and hygienic manner. This is a product we are very proud of.”

“Finally, ProofVision pride ourselves on the personal service, care and attention we give to our clients and customers. We work towards designing and creating innovative products that will excel in any environment and can be bespoke to our clients’ requests. We are extremely grateful and proud to be a part of the Small Business Achievement Awards and are excited to develop and grow our brand now and into the future.”

COVID-19 AnnouncementWe are still open for business! Our production facility and shipment facilities are operational with less staff than usual to ensure social distancing is achieved. Our office team are at home but readily available to take phone calls and respond to emails.