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Have you ever wondered how to combine your love for outdoors with a love for the latest technology? Since 2008, ProofVision have offered a great solution with our range of Outdoor TVs and speakers.

Our TVs come with a varied range of sizes and will suit any outdoor environment, including pub gardens, shopping centres, luxury yachts, theme parks and many other environments as well as being the perfect accessory for your own garden.

TV brightness

They are designed to be viewable in direct sunlight due to their incredible brightness and able to operate in the harshest of winters thanks to the built-in temperature control, making it the perfect all-year round TV.

Residential Outdoor TVs

The residential model offers a slim design and high quality picture which makes it the ideal addition to the garden and other private areas.

Commercial Toughened TV

Our commercial version is designed to be tougher and more robust than the ordinary television. Suitable for indoor & outdoor areas, ideal for public areas such as pubs, factories and many other environments.

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Residential TVs   Commercial TVs
IP66 IP rating IP65
Yes Suitable in direct sunlight No
Yes Anti reflective screen Yes
-20 to 60 Operating temperature -20 to 60
1500cd/m2 Brightness level 1500cd/m2
Full HD Image Full HD
TV tuner (PC Add on) Built in systems TV tuner (PC Add on)
Aluminium heat dispersion Cooling system Fan assisted cooling
Glass Front screen Tempered glass
Audio out Sound output Built in speakers
45kg Weight (55inch) 75kg
2 year Warranty 2 year

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Why an Outdoor TV?

A common question we are asked is why spend extra on an outdoor tv when a normal TV in a weatherproof enclosure is a much cheaper option. Here are our 3 reasons on why an Outdoor TV is the better option...

1. Brightness
If you have ever taken a laptop outside and tried to use it and barely been able to see the screen because of the sun’s reflection, the exact same would happen to a normal TV. Our outdoor screens are up to 5 times brighter than an ordinary TV which makes them viewable in direct sunlight on the brightest of days.

2. Temperature Control
A lot of weatherproof enclosures do not include adequate temperature control systems to cope with high or low temperatures. This can cause the TV to fail early on. An outdoor screen from ProofVision can operate between -20 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees, making them suitable for use all year round.

3. Warranty
Placing a standard TV outdoors may also void your warranty with some manufacturers, which would be costly if the TV was to fail early on. Our TVs come with a 2 year warranty as standard (with options to extend) so you are well covered with us.

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